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August 25, 2008



Ooh, you have been busy bees.

Love that piccie of Miss N but she is such a cutie you couldn't take a bad piccie of her.

I always feel sad after this Bank holiday as it seems so long until Christmas when they are off again.

Hope you get a good nights sleep xxx

Heather (in Scotland)

"Our cleaning lady comes on Monday and for some reason that always fires me up to tidy the house"
LOL - me too, with our Monday morning cleaning team. Means I'm often late to bed on a Sunday night, from tidying up. (Who am I trying to kid - I'm always late to bed!)

Impressed with your productivity!

Another sweet photo of Noemie. Unusual to see a photoof her without her trademark smile!

Jackie Pocock

Gorgeous picture of N - hope you're resting up more today. I must pop round once all the work has been done I imagine it will look so different.

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