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Mimi on the farmhouse

Mimi on the farmhouse

Welcome to the home of Elmer and Mabel Abel. They are an elderly couple with some crazy characteristics... Mrs Mabel Abel is a crazy cat lady despite the fact that Mr Elmer Abel is horribly allergic to cats. The Abels have been married for 50+ years, with Elmer spending the majority of his time sneezing and pleading with the love of his life Mabel to get rid of her cats. Mabel tells Elmer that he is not allergic to cats, but instead might be allergic to dust or cheese or that he has had a cold for 50 years.

Elmer and Mabel Abel have been remodelling their farmhouse for the last few months. They are hoping that the contractor they hired will hurry up and get the job done, as they are having the family over for Christmas in 2005.

They have also had some problems with a giant cat that insists on standing on their rooftop, meowing in the middle of the night. Elmer has told Mabel that if she would stop feeding the big black cat, perhaps it would go away. Mabel insists that it's all in Elmer's imagination. But now Elmer has photographic evidence.